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Little Wonder records and Bubble Books were more than just the records and books -- other products grew up around them and supported sales.


Since the records weren't sold in sleeves, the records needed to be stored in something that would keep them safe and secure -- so Little Wonder albums were produced, in many shapes and sizes.

Sheet Music

Sheet music was produced that allowed people to play the titles that they were listening to -- not surprising given that Henry Waterson, the founder of Little Wonder records, was the president of the music publishing company, Waterson, Berlin & Snyder (see the History section for more details; the "Berlin" is Irving Berlin).- The three pieces of sheet music accessed at left were selected to display here because each refers to Little Wonder records specifically.- In fact, the Tiger Rose sheet music refers to Little Wonder, Emerson and Columbia recordings.

Also accessed at left is the sheet music to perhaps the most famous of all Little Wonder records, #20, sung by Al Jolson (to listen to this record, click here).

Some phonograph and record dealers even advertised themselves as purveyors of Little Wonder records -- the stamp on the Uncle Tom sheet music accessed at left describes Stewart Co. as a seller of sheet music and Little Wonder records.

Cut-Out Bubble Book

Bubble Books sold a cut-out book of figures that could be assembled and placed on top of the record to dance along with the tune as the record played.

Ads for this cut-out book accessed at left appeared as an extra page at the end of some copies of the Child's Garden of Verses Bubble Book (#13) and the Chimney Corner Bubble Book (#14).


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